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This is a list of research publications, patents, publicly recorded presentations, interviews, and articles.



Shao-Yuan Lo, Poojan Oza, Sumanth Chennupati, Patricio A. Galindo, Vishal M. Patel

Spatio-temporal pixel-level contrastive learning-based source-free domain adaptation for view semantic segmentation

CVPR, Vancouver, CA, 2023



Samaher Radwan, Aaron Kline, Alejandro Galindo, Michael C. Frank, Nick Haber

Measuring Social Curiosity-Driven Attentional differences in children with Autism

COGSCI, Toronto, CA, 2022

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Patricio A. Galindo and Rhaleb Zayer

Complementary geometric and optical information for match-propagation-based 3D reconstruction

Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Singapore, 2014

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Patricio A. Galindo and Rhaleb Zayer

Distortion-driven variational multi-view reconstruction

International Conference on 3D Vision, Tokyo, Japan, 2014

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Kun Liu, Patricio A. Galindo and Rhaleb Zayer

Sphere Packing Aided Surface Reconstruction for Multi-View Data

International Symposium on Visual Computing, Las Vegas-Nevada, USA, 2014


Ph.D. Thesis – Patricio A. Galindo

Image matching for 3D reconstruction using complementary optical and geometric information

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WO2023018666A1 Systems and methods for dynamic object tracking using a mesh network of nodes coupled to cameras [Pending]